About us

About HTK Inc.

For nearly a decade, HTK Inc. has been providing cutting-edge solutions for businesses in IT and Telecoms. By leveraging the latest technologies in both sectors, we have established our leading position in the intersection between the two sectors.

About AntBuddy

For the past year, HTK Inc. have been constantly improving AntBuddy with the latest technologies of webRTC on mobile devices and cloud computing.

We are proud to be the best team representing Vietnam to attend Tech in Asia in Singapore. AntBuddy is also the champion team at Da Nang Startup Fair 2016 - the biggest event for startup community recognized by local authority and the Viet Nam-Finland Innovation Partnership Programme. We have recently received the First Prize for the Best Startup Team at one of the most prestigious events nationwide - the Startup Wheel by Business Startup Support Center (BSSC).

Our mission is to provide the best and the most affordable cloud communications services to small and medium businesses in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

Our specialties include

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Unified Communications
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Cloud Computing
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Web & Mobile Applications Development
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Erlang-based Large Scale System Development