BeeIQ data platform integrated on facebook

Expand your sales chances

Receive messages from Fanpage

  • All messages from Fanpage will be shown on an solid interface, help your customer supporting team manage and support to each other easily
  • Enable to send messages automatically or manually
  • Mark comments, transactions for each customer
  • Assigning detail tasks to every staff, help management and tracking clearly

Tracking and posting from BeeIQ

  • Manage posts on fanpage including posts and comments interacted right on BeeIQ interface
  • Easily to track and search posts, manage tasks of every staff
  • Add information and comments on each contact, avoid duplication and missing

Automatic assignment of customer supporters

  • Automatic assignment of customer care by random or sequential (round robin)
  • Detailing tasks for each supporter (take responsibility for chatting, comment or posting..)

Save customer’s information, take the initiative in approaching

  • Automatically save contact information for each customer, useful for customer supporting
  • Record transactions, contact history through ( SMS, Facebook messages, emails, calls,…)
  • Mark comments to single customer

Increase your revenue with integrating Facebook to CRM service