The best effective way to
get more ONLINE sales

Actively approach and communicate to customers

Automatically display chat window with chat invitation, by campaign or previous conditions

Provide customer information: status, location, current view page, browser, operating system, behavior

Library of quick answers that easy to search, help you save interactive time

Support customers instantly
by using AntBuddy app on iOS and Android

With the mobile application on iOS and Android, AntBuddy Kite Chat helps shoppers ready to support anywhere, anytime, immediately to ensure customers do not have to wait, increase revenue

Allow to add other agents into conversation, agents can chat with each other without notifying customer

Omnichannel communication with only one AntBuddy account

Omnichannel integration with Facebook Messenger, Fanpage, Skype, Viber, Line, Zalo, Telegram … with 1-click integration.

Identify interactive histories and communicate with customers from better channels of communication

Customers will be more satisfied, Angents work more effective, full report and statistics to have suitble strategies for business.

  • Track and manage customer’s information
  • Display customer’s questions
  • Supporter’s information
  • Agent could take notes
  • Assign Tag
  • Customer’s comment
  • Start/Close time

Visual statistics

  • Statistics traffic using kite chat
  • Statistics by kite chat group
  • Export report in CSV file

1-Click AntBuddy data platform integration

Automated customer care helps manage and optimize the customer care service for business

Integrated channels

  • Kite Skype
  • Kite Facebook
  • Kite Viber (beta)
  • Kite Zalo (comming soon)
  • Haravan
  • WordPress
  • Android SDK
  • iOS SDK
  • BeeIQ data platform
  • Cloud call center

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