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Omnichannel Call Center

Save all your contacts and users to the unique system, even if they are team all over the world.


Add greetings and leave messages easily. Record them, update them flexiblely or just write them down and we’ll give them a voice.

Business hours

Decide your individual numbers are opened to receive calls.

International numbers

Make or receive calls to any number in the world.

Call queueing

Keep inbound calls and wait until a teammeate is ready to recieve the calls.

Interactive voice response

Add an IVR to your lines and make sure that calls are always directed to the right person or team.

Warm transfer

Check other members if they're available or not before transferring a call to them.

Advanced call center and collaboration features

Call routing

Make calls directly to your team at the same time or separately, pick or choose calls to distribute by only one click.

Shared call inbox

Have an overview of calls that need follwing and archive. Sync whole team.

Assign and comment on calls

Assign a call to a teammate, leave them an explanatory comment, and the call will pop up on their to-do list

Shared contacts

Create and share contacts with your team, so that everyone can see who’s on the line. (You can also keep some contacts private, if you like.)

Unlimited concurrent calls

Make and receive calls as many as you like, on any number, at the same time

Call recording

It's better to control your team's performance the quality of your service by recording calls and listening back on them

Real-time modifications

Edit, add or remove users, the phone number will be applied immediately by one click.

Call center analytics

Evaluate your support team's performance by counting missed calls, call loads, etc

Extensions number

Every teammate can be easily reached by dialing their 3-digit extension.

Live feed

Get live updates on what’s going on in your call center to optimize your productivity.

Custom filters

Search any calls in your App easily and start calling!


Apply tags to gather important information of calls from your integrations all in one App

Email Reporting

Receive overview reports of your agent’s activity through email

Blacklist numbers

Ensure you are receiving calls that you actually want, avoid spam and automatic calls.

Comment after calling

Allow teamates have time to handle their works before receiving a next call.

Professional business phone features

Transfer calls to mobile phone

Make sure you received all calls from customers by transfering inbound calls to one or several mobile phones

Show desktop notifications

A notification will pop up on your screen to alert you of an incoming call. Just click on it to take the call

Time-based routing

Each user can set up their working hours and their call availability, or managers can set up working hours for the whole team

Skill-based routing

Make sure every call is routed to the right teammate, and show who’s available before you transfer the call.

Click to Dial

Make it simple for your sales team to make calls with click to dial. Click on a number and it will open in your AntBuddy app or IP Phone.

Integrate with sale tools in your business

Computer telephony integration

By intergrating CTI easily, It makes sure your working process and team’s productivity will be improved efficiently as weel as help your customers have a better experience.

Webhooks and API

Connect your phone system to other sale tools, such as saving call history, or user availability in a Slack channel.

Google import

Import your contacts and their phone numbers from Google Apps, and share them with your teammates

CRM integrations

AntBuddy can be integrated with the sales tools you are using daily as (Salesforce, Zendesk, Helpscout, and many more!).

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