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for your business

Team communication is easier, more effective, more fun

AntBuddy team chat has everything you need, all-in-one

Create and manage group by project, work or broadcast
Group messaging, private messaging, meeting and private calls
Share and manage data by related topic
Store all information and important data on a trusted tool
Synchronization across multiple devices
Integration with Trello, Wunderlist, Github, Gitlab, Jira, Twitter, MailChimp ... applications.

Simplifies team communication

  • Store all conversation and important data
  • Make searching easier
  • Create and manage team by project, task
  • Communicate easily with people by private messaging, group messaging
  • Mark quotes
  • Pin message
  • You can save message, files as needed
  • Forward message to any member, any group

Smart customization effective application control

  • Easy to custom notifications
  • Informed directly or through emails
  • Support multi-language for applications
  • Customize user’s status
  • Setup information and personal settings

Bringing internal business phone to your mobile phone

  • Like a phone right on the app
  • Accept calls at any time, even you don’t turn on app
  • Make and receive calls anywhere
  • Support on iOS and Android devices
  • Make and receive group calls, individual calls
  • You can chat during the call

Toolbar for display and quick search of content

Group’s infomation

  • Count the number of messages
  • Shows user’s status
  • View important bookmarks in group

View all uploaded files in group

  • Filter by uploaded file in group
  • Save or Download here
  • Find messages related a file

Notify when you are mentioned in a group

  • View message that you are mentioned
  • Save message, file as needed
  • Search related message


  • View all saved files or messages
  • You can delete the saved content
  • Search related message

Increased connectivity
work less stressful

  • Instead of encouraging words, we can send greetings cards
  • Increasing connectivity, productivity, and friendship
  • Redeem points into meaningful gifts (can customizable)

Integrated other tools into AntBuddy, easily updates in real-time

  • Jira
  • Mailchimp
  • Gitlab
  • Github
  • BeeIQ
  • Wunderlist
  • Trello

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