Webhooks & API

Welcome to AntBuddy for Developers! Just like you, we are enthusiastic web developers and we love to automate things. AntBuddy is building the next-gen business phone system and we need your help! This is why we’ve decided to publish our API so that you can build awesome apps and integrate them with AntBuddy

AntBuddy public API


The AntBuddy REST API allows you to connect and ‘sync’ other applications (customer database, ERP, CRM, helpdesk, chat system, e-commerce shopping cart and more) with your Call Center software


We support webhooks. This means that we’re able to call back an endpoint of your choice at the time an event occurs in an AntBuddy account (contact added, call created, availability status etc.)- please have a look here for a complete list. Webhooks allow you to push AntBuddy events to software of third-parties that you’re already using or an application that’s not yet integrated with AntBuddy

Some awesome things you can do

Create new events for every call in your in-house CRM/helpdesk

Update your AntBuddy contact list with your CRM contact details

Sync your calendar availability with your AntBuddy status

Have your calls handled with an external services (call transcripts, voice sentiment analysis)

Build real-time custom dashboards to monitor your agents activity

You’re not a developer?

A custom AntBuddy integration requires development but not to worry, you can easily integrate AntBuddy into your favorite CRM/helpdesk