Increase sales, data enrichment and centralized management

It's easey to manage on a platform

Speed up your revenue

Connecting million of Zalo's users

Zalo Shop – an effectively sale channel

Expand your sale channel. Get good chance for you to approach more then 80million of Zalo App’s users. Save your cost and keep your customers. Free comunication and reach to customers automatically

Manage and support customers from zalo chat

  • Interactive tools help shop’s owner communicate with Zalo users through chat window on BeeIQ
  • Enable to setup instant messages, sample messages to quick reply to customers.

Save customer’s information, take the initiative in approaching

  • Save contacts of all customers automatically, useful in supporting your customers
  • Recording transactions, contact history through ( SMS, Zalo message, email, call…)
  • Mark comments for each customer

Allocating tasks to customer supporters

  • Assigning take care customers as random or sequential method
  • Detailing task to single staff ( take responsibility in chatting or comment…)
  • Many supporters can support for one customer.

Increase your revenue with integrating Zalo to CRM service